CML's Colorado Cities & Towns Week 2017

CML will once again host Colorado Cities & Towns Week, Sept. 11-17, 2017, to unite the municipal family.

Visit the CML website for more information, including planning tips, social media images, media tools, and giveaways.

What is Colorado Cities & Towns Week?
Now in its fifth year, Colorado Cities & Towns Week, Sept. 11-17, 2017, is an opportunity for municipalities to connect with residents and remind them of the vital services provided by their city or town, as well as acknowledge outstanding municipal employees and/or volunteers .

Why has CML established this week?
Colorado Cities & Towns Week provides a unified statewide opportunity to recognize municipal employees and volunteers and to educate citizens on what municipal government is all about.

How can our municipality celebrate?
CML has provided numerous planning tips online to help cities and towns celebrate, including ways municipalities celebrated last year (perhaps it will inspire you to do something similar in your community). If an idea interests you , in addition to CML offering support, leaders from past participating communities would be happy to provide insights.

Whether you want to connect with youth in your community, celebrate the people who work hard each and every day, or simply throw a party to bring everyone together, these tips can help.

The tips are only suggestions — the possibilities are endless! Reach out to residents in a way that is meaningful for your community and that your municipality has resources for.

How much will it cost? 
Many of the suggested events and activities do not cost anything! The tips are organized by the resources they would take to implement. 

Also, if you already have an event scheduled, consider simply including the Colorado Cities & Towns Week message in it.

Where do I start?
We know you have a lot on your plate and may find it difficult to even think of adding to it. We understand, but CML hopes you will commit to one idea to increase awareness about your vital services, and has created the planning tips to make this as easy as possible for our members. Take a look at the tips - if an idea resonates, run with it by tailoring it for your community.

(Again, these tips are intended to provide ideas — do not feel that you have to do exactly what is described! Use any ideas you have to connect with your residents!)

If you have any questions about Colorado Cities & Towns Week, contact CML Membership Services Manager Lisa White by email or phone (303-831-6411 or 866-578-0936).

Share with CML
After Colorado Cities & Towns Week, be sure to share your experience and photos with CML Membership Services Manager Lisa White by email to be included in an article in the CML Newsletter. 



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