Envision Longmont Multimodal & Comprehensive Plan – 2017 Merit Award for Sustainability

Longmont, Colorado is a diverse, freestanding, multicultural, growing city of nearly 94,000 people. In 2015, the City of Longmont began working on Envision Longmont, an exciting project to update and integrate the comprehensive plan and multimodal transportation plan. With assistance from Clarion Associates, the City undertook this intensive planning effort to help better understand the City’s current strength’s, challenges, opportunities, values and priorities.

The resulting Envision Longmont plan, was unanimously adopted by the Longmont City Council in 2016. The plan was informed by numerous plans, studies, and initiatives developed by the City and its many local and regional partners; it weaves together previous planning efforts and addresses emerging trends to shape a positive future for the community. This advisory document plays several key roles, including:
providing policy guidance for elected and appointed officials in making choices regarding the long-range needs of the community; helping inform residents, property and business owners, developers, and others interested in Longmont’s plans for the future and its general priorities; and promoting continued coordination and collaboration with neighboring jurisdictions and the many public, private, and nonprofit agencies that play a significant role in the City’s future and the quality of life of its residents.

The Plan was influenced by a number of factors. Key questions tackled by the plan included: where and how should we grow, how can we proactively address the needs of our changing population, wow can we promoted continued growth and diversification of our economy, how can we become more sustainable and resilient as a community and how can we protect and enhance our quality of life?

The plan, built on extensive input from the community, is centered on six guiding principles. These principles reflect key elements of the community’s desired future and provide focus in terms of where efforts and resources should be directed over the next several decades to ensure Longmont remains a livable, prosperous, and attractive community. Fundamentally, these guiding principles and their supporting goals are intended to promote a more sustainable and resilient Longmont.

Each guiding principal is supported by a number of goals and policies, as well as indicators that will help the City track progress over time.

The plan also contains a growth framework, which addresses the physical aspects of the community’s vision as it pertains to future growth. This portion of the plan contains the future land use plan, the multimodal transportation plan, and information on the four focus areas that were identified during the planning process.

The plan is rounded out by an action plan, which provides the implementation strategy for the plan.



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