Emerging Professional Planners


Emerging Professional Planners


Thursday, July 18th

Time:  5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Elections at 6:30pm


El Charrito – the Five-Star Dive Bar

21st and Larimer in Denver

Want to build your resume and have some fun doing it? Help lead EPP. We need all-star, creative leaders to fill the following 8 positions:

    • Administration
    • Communications
    • Networking/Events
    • Outreach/Service
    • Professional Development
    • Innovation
  • A Representative from around the state. 

If interested, come to the happy hour on July 18 and give a two-minute speech to wow your peers. It’s as simple as that. No powerpoints please. For everyone else, come choose your leaders, have fun, and find out how you can be involved.

CLICK HERE  for more information and help us spread the word by distributing this flyer.

Emerging Planning Professionals Updates


  • Emerging Planning Professionals have been holding monthly business meetings since the kick-off in March. These meetings are used to work out some of the key systems and decisions needed to support a successful group. Anyone is welcome to attend. The next business meeting/potluck will be held in August. Past meeting minutes can be found on this webpage at the bottom.
  • Over the past few months, a small group of EPPs have been working to draft the vision, mission, goals and objectives for APA-Colorado's newest group. These strategic elements will guide the first year of activities, and they can always be revisited and improved as the group continues to evolve. See below for the latest version and share any suggestions you may have.

  • The group has also determined a clear way to formalize the core leadership team (a.k.a. “The EPP All Stars”). We are now recruiting for some key positions on that team like Communications Chair, Director of Innovation, etc. See above for more information.  

Sign-up for Updates

Click HERE to let us know you’re interested in hearing more. Until further notice, membership in EPP is free and is not contingent on your being a member of APA-Colorado. While support for our local chapter is strongly encouraged, EPP is an outreach effort to engage new and emerging professionals in planning and allied fields. So for the time being, becoming a member of EPP is as simple as clicking this LINK.

What is EPP all about?


Emerging Planning Professionals (EPP), part of APA-Colorado, cultivates a vibrant community of entry- to mid-level planning professionals by offering and promoting opportunities for professional development, service, and meaningful, innovative contributions to an evolving, diverse profession.


Dedicated to serving planning professionals across Colorado with eight or fewer years of experience in the field, EPP inspires and supports emerging planners to become community leaders today and tomorrow. 



Goal: Foster personal and professional connections among emerging professionals in planning and other related fields.


  • Plan and execute friendly meet-ups for EPPs.
  • Network and learn from seasoned professionals.
  • Reach out to and mentor graduating planning students as they transition from school to the professional world.
  • Act as a liaison between EPPs and APA-CO.
  • Identify and connect with emerging professional groups in planning-related fields (i.e. architecture, engineering, green building, etc.)


Goal: Support emerging planners through continuing education and professional development opportunities.


  • Read and discuss planning-related books/articles/journals with EPPs
  • Identify and invite guest speakers to present to the Committee/community.
  • Identify training opportunities for networking, business development, facilitation and leadership skill building.
  • Share existing planning training opportunities with EPP’s and/or host training workshops.
  • Create study groups for certification (AICP, LEED, etc.) as needed.
  • Host professional role-playing exercises to further develop skills through practice.

  • Provide a platform for sharing job/internship opportunities.


Goal: Encourage volunteerism to further the goals of Colorado communities through outreach and service.


  • Connect EPPs with volunteer and service opportunities within the community.

  • Join efforts with existing outreach organizations in the community.

  • Research existing outreach and service efforts in other communities to implement in our community.


Goal: Showcase innovative planning practices and promote the creativity and ingenuity of EPPs within the profession.


  • Seek opportunities to create and support projects that highlight planning innovations in our community.

  • Host EPP member presentations to learn about what other EPPs do in the planning field.

  • Find opportunities for EPPs to present our work to the community and other professionals outside of our organization.

  • Find and create opportunities to teach non-planners about our profession.

  • Share local, national, and international planning news.

  • Learn about members’ projects and challenges.

  • Create and maintain a space in which “the good, the bad and the ugly” planning ideas can be shared, discussed and cultivated.

CLICK HERE to learn more about EPP

Is EPP for you?

 You know you’re an emerging planning professional if . . .

  • you’ve been in the field 8 years or less (after that, you’re technically eligible for senior-level positions, according to APA-National),

  • you’ve recently graduated from a planning-related program and are looking to stay engaged with your state APA chapter,

  • you want to build lasting relationships with like-minded professionals at similar stages in their career,
  • you live and work around the state and want to network with other emerging professionals you might not know,
  • you like continuous learning opportunities and want to expand your knowledge of the field,
  • you’re interested in peer-to-peer mentoring and/or mentorship opportunities with more experienced professionals, and/or
  • you’re just plain curious about this mysterious group called EPP.


If you’re any of these, come check us out.



For More


Deryn Ruth Wagner  Deryn.Goodwin@gmail.com



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