Adams County Making Connections

Adams County Making Connections/ Southwest Planning and Implementation Plan

The Making Connections Plan identified a list of critical policies and projects to be undertaken by Adams County in partnership with surrounding jurisdictions, relevant utility agencies and districts, and the development community. The projects are focused on meeting citizen and business needs; working collaboratively with other groups invested in the region; fostering efficient and innovative development, and ultimately, providing for a high quality of life for those living, working, and recreating in the area.

The planning process reviewed a list of more than 188 identified projects in 85 previously adopted plans, identified a Top 40 list of Projects, and ultimately created a Top 10 list with implementation costs totaling $388 million. Six of the 10 final projects recommend a policy or program, including a local financing study, a new “Plans to Projects” Program, an affordable housing policy, a sidewalk program, a complete streets policy and complete streets standards, and park and trail improvements. The remaining four projects are high-priority geographic areas such as the Federal Connection, the Clear Creek Connection, the Sheridan Connection, and the Welby Connection.

Since the completion of the Making Connections Plan, the County has progressed with several of these projects. The Local Financing Study has allowed the County to find traditional and non-traditional forms of funding for continued county investment. The Plan to Project program, along with the Capital Improvement Study, provides the County with the ability to prioritize and align long-range planning priorities and capital improvement programming for local neighborhoods, transportation projects, and recreational areas. With the Complete Street Policy and Standards, the County is set to work with city partners to find multimodal connectivity across county boundaries and develop a connected and safe community. Lastly, the affordable housing strategy is well underway.

Southwest Adams County is roughly equivalent in size to the island of Manhattan with Brighton Boulevard on the east, Sheridan Boulevard on the west, 52nd Avenue on the south, and 92nd Avenue on the north. The area is served by immediate access to all major interstates in the metro area, is in close proximity to downtown Denver and Denver International Airport, and has the highest propensity for significant urbanization.

The Making Connections Plan was designed to incorporate visions and goals for Federal Boulevard that are vital to ensuring the area becomes a vibrant corridor in the future.

The County worked closely with key stakeholders including partners from the cities of Westminster, Thornton, Arvada, Commerce City, Denver, and numerous other agencies inside and outside of Adams County Government. The County also recognized that being strategic and equitable for the existing community is essential. The county ensured that public participation highly informed the entire process.

The Making Connections Plan is about capitalizing on the regional infrastructure that exists and developing new frameworks to provide a diverse and economically sustainable county. Adams County is now on track to work collaboratively to meet citizen needs and invite stakeholders to work with the County to foster high-quality infrastructure and development moving into the future.

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