Board Minutes 02-07-2014

APA Colorado Board Meeting Minutes
Friday January 10, 2014

Denver, CO
The meeting was called to order by President, Susan Wood at 2:08 p.m.

Roll call:
Present: Susan Wood, President; Stan Clauson, President Elect; T.J. Dlubac, VP of Communications; Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer; Jessica Ibanez, VP External Affairs; Tareq Wafaie, Professional Development Officer; Erica Heller, Metro Representative; Lor Pelligrino, South Central Representative; Seth Lorson, North Central Representative; Paul Rosenberg, Public Official Representative; James Cramer, Student Representative; Julio Iturreria, Western Planner Representative; and Eric Heil, Legislative Committee Co-Chair

Absent:Jessica Osborne, Metro Representative; Chris Hawkins, Southwest Representative; Rebecca Levy, Northwest Representative; Tamra Allen, Central Mountain Representative and Carrie Makarewicz, Faculty Representative.

Staff: Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

1. Opening Remarks – Susan Wood, President

Susan thanked everyone for coming. She asked how many were planning to attend the New Partners for Smart Growth conference and Erica said she was attending one of their workshops. Susan noted that three representatives from APA National would be in attendance - APA Past President, Mitch Silver; Director of Policy and Government Affairs, Jason Jordon; and Director of Early Career Programs, Monica Groh. Susan said she would try to schedule a breakfast with all of them and invited the Board to attend. Eric noted he might be able to attend.

Susan then moved on to discuss Paul Farmer’s retirement as APA’s Chief Executive Officer in 2014. Bill Anderson, APA President is seeking input from the Chapters as to what they want to see in the CEO. The Chapter President’s Council has said they want someone who is forward thinking; who understands that the younger generation is active in social media. Mr. Anderson sent out a survey and Susan stated that if the Board had anything to add to her comments, they should send it to her by February 7th. The survey is due by the 10th. She said it will be interesting to see who the next CEO is and where APA goes from here.

2. Consent Agenda

a. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report – Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer

i. January 10, 2014 Minutes

ii. January 2014 Financial Report

b. Nominating Committee – Susan Wood, Chapter President
c. Professional Development Committee Appointments – Susan Wood, Chapter President and Tareq Wafaie, PDO
d. Appointment of Sustainability Co-Chair, Susan Wood, Chapter President
e. CASTA Partnership Agreement - Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
f. DCI Partnership Agreement Shelia - Booth, Chapter Administrator
g. DCI Event Sponsorship – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

Susan asked if anyone needed to pull an item from the consent agenda. With no response she then discussed a change to the Nominating Committee item. The recommendation is to add Jacob Riger to the committee. She asked for any comments, and hearing none, asked for a motion.

Motion by TJ to approve the consent agenda with addition of Jacob Riger to the Nominating Committee.
Second by Erica.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

3. Chapter Administrator Report – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

a. Crested Butte Conference
Shelia summarized the current status of the conference planning. The Local Host Committee (LHC) has been working to establish a list of mobile tours and indicated one might be a tour of marijuana retail/medical facilities. She said the conference schedule was still a working document but that the conference would end on Friday afternoon with the Planning Commissioner workshop and the AICP Exam workshop both being held on Friday. She also noted that the conference will start on Wednesday but the whether it starts at noon or later is still in the planning stages. Some questions arose regarding the timing of starting the conference on Wednesday around noon. She then said the LHC requested some opinion, thought and guidance on moving the APA CO Annual Board meeting from Friday morning at breakfast to some other time during the conference. Tareq asked if it was the Chapter’s goal to get people to attend the Annual Board Meeting, and if not, then could the time be changed. Susan said we do want people to attend and we’ve found the best attendance is with a breakfast. She said offering food gets people there. Stan said having the Board meeting on the first thing Friday was the best. Erica chimed in that we could squeeze in breakfast, a board meeting and a speaker if in the morning. Stan said the meeting is typically about adopting the annual budget and an introduction of board members. Tareq suggested starting a few sessions with an introduction of what we’ve done, what we’re doing and where we’re going. Susan said it would be nice to talk about this at the beginning of the conference. Erica said it would be nice to solicit public comment. Susan offered having comment cards at the conference. Joni asked if there was an opportunity to do the meeting at the Awards Reception and/or have a table for the Board to meet and greet members. Susan said she liked having a Board table. Erica suggested using a PowerPoint and having collateral marketing materials. The overall consensus was to keep the Annual Board Meeting on Friday at breakfast but to do more marketing at the Awards Reception with a Board table and at the general sessions. The Board agreed there needed to be some interactive materials in the exhibitor hall.

b. 2014 Event Calendar
Shelia summarized the calendar that was included in the packet and highlighted the times throughout the year where events and trainings are needed. Erica noted that the Sustainability and other Committee’s were not reflected on the calendar. The Board wanted to have committee events added to the calendar to better illustrate the gaps. Susan said we should strive for Regional events. Shelia said she would send this out to the Committees to have them add them in. 

Shelia then noted the upcoming events in February and noted several requests for PC training. Erica noted an upcoming training by C2’s and the request for APA CO partnership and sponsorship of CMs for the event.

4. Old Business

a. Chapter Administrator Review– Susan Wood, President
The Board went into Executive Session to discuss personnel.

Motion by Stan to move into executive session.
Second by Eric.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

The Board voted to end the executive session and returned to regular discussion.

b. 2016 Conference Contract - Antler’s Colorado Springs – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
She summarized the conference contract and noted the many concessions by the hotel. She requested that the Board approve the agreement and authorize signature with minor modifications if necessary.

Motion by Julio to approve the 2016 Conference Contract with Antlers Hilton Colorado Springs subject to revisions and authorizing staff to sign contract.
Second by Erica.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

5. New Business

a. Bylaws Committee – Susan Wood, Chapter President and Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
Shelia said that EPP and Outreach & Communication Committees have identified changes that are needed to the Bylaws regarding their two committees. She then said that since we are on the national election cycle, the Board needs to decide if they wish to update the Bylaws this year. Erica asked about timing and Shelia said it was based on National’s cycle.

Motion by Stan to appoint a Bylaws Committee comprised of Stan, Susan and Erica.
Second by Eric.
Discussion: Erica said that someone who proposed the Bylaw changes should take her place. Jessica I. and TJ battled in a “rock, paper scissors” war for the honors, with TJ winning (or loosing).
Stan agreed to the amendment to add TJ to the Bylaws Committee.
Eric 2nd the amendment.
Discussion: Lor asked if the area redistricting map would be part of the Bylaws update. Stan said yes it should, but to his knowledge, nothing has happened since the item was last tabled to allow discussion among the jurisdictions in the south. Susan said we should include it with this cycle and she would inform Chris. Stan also noted that our Central Mountain Representative would be affected since Glenwood Springs would no longer be in the Central Mountain Area. He recommended any changes should be made effective after the incumbent’s term. Susan asked if Paul would join the committee.
Stan accepted the amendment to add Paul to the Bylaws Committee.
Eric 2nd the amendment.
Vote: Unanimous

b. APAS Student Job Sharing Program – James, Cramer, Student Representative
James introduced the program and told the Board about how it was inspired. He summarized the process including the host registration period, application period and job shadowing period. Based on email input from the Board, he added clarification with the expectations and selection process. He noted some had questions about meetings that take place after the work day and he said the host can invite the student to attend. He emphasized the program is voluntary and all costs are incurred by the students. The employer section will be made available to the students. Concern was expressed that one/two paragraphs was too much to ask an employer for, but he said it would not be mandatory and its up to the host to put what they want the students to see. Stan said he thought it was too lengthy and he thinks it’s up to the student to research the company. Lor suggested asking for the type of planning then provide a link to the website. Erica noted that something simple might not work for big organizations. Stan suggested a field where you could state what your job shadowing experience will be. Paul said it would be nice to extend it to high school as well. Lor asked if there was a liability for the students. James said he wasn’t concerned with the college students because they were adults but there might be some concern with minors. James said he was going to talk to someone at a high school to see if there were possible issues. Erica thanked James for exploring it with the younger ages. Lor said she would run it by the HR at her employer to see if they had any suggestions or concerns with liability. James ended by stating that the goal is to have this available next year to recruit hosts before school starts.

c. Conservation Easement Workshop Sponsorship – Eric Heil, Legislative Committee Co-Chair
Eric said he was talking with Eagle Valley Land Trust about doing a training and thought it would be a good CM opportunity. He approached staff about sponsorship for the CM credit. Eric noted there wouldn’t be any financial costs to the Chapter and it would be marketed under the APA brand. The course would be 2.5 to 3 hours in length with possibly some CM law credits. Jessica I. asked if we could streamline CM Sponsorship requests. Stan said he had questions with a previous event and he said there are some things the Board might want to review but they could be placed on a consent agenda. Shelia said she could come up with a form.
Motion by Erica.
Second by TJ.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

d. Endorsement of APA National Candidate– Susan Wood, Chapter President
Susan opened the discussion by stating that the entire time she has been Chapter President, the Chapter’s Strategic Plan has recommended endorsement of national candidates. After being on the National Nominating Committee, the Chapter Presidents Council, and getting to know the candidates Susan said she felt it was the right time for the Chapter to endorse. She also acknowledged it may be self-serving since she is running for one of the positions.
Susan recommended that the Chapter endorse candidates in our region and those in at-large positions like president, president-elect, etc. She said there are certain rules that must be met if the Chapter does endorse candidates. She then made the following recommendations for endorsement:
President Elect: Carol Ray; AICP President Elect – Susan Wood; APA Board of Directors Region 5: Brian Campbell; AICP Commissioner Region 5 - Phil Farington.

Eric said he was agreeable with endorsing Susan for AICP President Elect and then asked what the value to the Chapter would be in endorsing any of the other candidates. Susan said endorsement emphasizes that there is a national election. She recommended that the Chapter first advertise the election, and then list those that are being endorsed. Stan asked if there was a down side to endorsing someone and they don’t win. Susan said she didn’t think there was one. Shelia asked if the endorsement would be made know nationally or just to chapter membership. Susan replied it would just be a Colorado Chapter notification. Erica said it was a benefit to have one of our own members represent us at a national level. She inquired if there was a specific benefit to Colorado based on the candidate’s statements. Susan said she did not see anything specific but did think there was a benefit to endorsing certain candidates because they will be good for the overall organization. Paul asked if other chapters endorse candidates and Susan said that a few do. Eric asked about the Chapter’s previous endorsements under Graham’s leadership and if he noticed any negative effects from the endorsement. Eric then asked if the Board could think about the request a little longer. Susan said the sooner the endorsement is made, the better, but she offered to do an email vote. She noted the election is in March and all the information is already on the APA website.

Eric said he was supportive of endorsing Susan since that was obviously good for APA Colorado and AICP. Stan said he would second that but he was hesitant to endorse the others without more information. The Board agreed to endorse Susan’s candidacy and to have staff communicate to the membership via the website, email and social media her endorsement as well as a reminder to vote.

Susan asked the Board if they would entertain the idea of reading the candidates statements and endorsing her recommended candidates via an email vote. Lor stated she appreciated Susan’s opinion on the candidates and would probably vote based on that rather than just reading candidate statements. Paul recommended sending the endorsement when members get their ballots. Eric asked how our endorsements are made known to our members. He said he was open to reviewing the candidate statements then consider and endorsement. Susan said she would put together an email with information and the Board can decide if they feel comfortable in endorsing the other candidates.
Motion by Eric to endorse Susan Alice Woods, AICP for the AICP President-Elect position and consider by future email vote endorsement of other candidates.
Second by Paul.
Discussion: Stan inquired if the motion allowed no endorsement and Eric said yes.
Vote: Unanimous

6. Committee Updates:

a. APAS Student Committee – James Cramer, Student Representative
No report.

b. Awards Committee - Anna Gagne, Committee Chair
Shelia summarized the report submitted by the Awards Committee. She noted that the Call for Sessions and the award nomination period would both follow the same deadline. The Committee is agreeable to revamping the Awards Reception.

c. Emerging Professional Planners –Deryn Wagner, Committee Chair
Deryn thanked TJ for his support and said he has been invited to all future EPP conference calls. She then said in March they will have Union Station tour, speed networking event, and they want to find some way to be involved with the annual conference this year. She said the committee had discussed a possible design competition.

d. Legislative Committee - Eric Heil and Dan Bush, Co-chair
Eric provided the updated legislative agenda to the Board. He said he added language to keep the environmental issues section very broad. He asked the Board to approve the 2014 Legislative Agenda. Susan said it looked good and that the only thing substantially different from last year’s was adding the environmental issues. Eric noted it was based on input from the legislative survey.

Motion by Paul to approve the 2014 Legislative Agenda as presented.
Second by Stan.
Discussion: None.
Vote: Unanimous

Lor asked if any of the items has pending legislation and Eric replied that there were a few. He also noted there is a TIFF bill hovering but it has not yet dropped and that there isn’t a lot going on with transportation.

e. Outreach & Communications Committee - TJ Dlubac and Jessica Ibanez, Committee Co-Chairs
TJ and Jessica I. noted there is a meeting next week to talk about a social media plan and that a plan will be brought back to the Board. The Committee is also talking about the timing of the newsletter to make it better timed with other Chapter happenings. TJ said he is working to put together a committee to assist with newsletter articles. He then noted that the website is in the final stages and he was working with staff and HostWorks on the final punch list. The Committee will be talking about handouts and planning to order print materials and table tops to get ready for upcoming events and conferences.

f. PIC Review Committee, TBD
Susan said we will be reactivating the committee. Eric recalled that the last time the Board agreed to dissolve PIC and we need to get the paperwork drafted.

g. Professional Development Committee – Tareq Wafaie, Committee Chair
No report.

h. Sponsorship Committee - Erica Heller, Committee Chair
Stan said the committee met yesterday and reviewed the different categories and pricing for the benefit packages. The Committee will be meeting again to finalize the brochure. The major issue was if the organization should integrate an annual sponsorship in addition to the conference sponsorship, since some organizations only want to advertise on the website, on the consultant directory and in the newsletter. The sponsorship survey had 25 respondents and the brochure and packages were based on that survey’s results.

i. Sustainability Committee - Erica Heller, Board Liaison
No report.

7. Board Member Updates:
Stan said part of his work is to do a revision to the strategic plan and he inquired if the Board would be willing to have a retreat to review it. He felt the review wasn’t something that could be done at a regular meeting and suggested a half-day retreat with break out sessions. The Board expressed a consensus that a retreat was a good idea.

Lor said she withdrew her bid to have a Board meeting in Pueblo since Julie Ann Woods no longer works for the City of Pueblo.

8. Other Business - None

Meeting ended at 4:45 p.m.

Email Vote February 13, 2014:
Board – Attached is an Assignment Agreement between CNM, APA Colorado and Peak Government Affairs, LTD. CNM is owned by Chuck Malick and Peak is owned by Sol Malick. Please read the statement below from Sol as to why this transfer is necessary. Please review the information. A vote is necessary to move forward. Eric has been in discussions with Sol on this matter.

Recommendation: Approval of the Assignment Contract and authorization of the Chapter Administrator to sign agreement on behalf of the Chapter.

In January of 2014 Chuck Malick (CNM Enterprises) moved to Thailand and is now operating as my full time general consultant. Due to his out of country status and changing tax structure he has turned all contractual relationships over to me (Peak Government Affairs). Daily operations at the Colorado State Capitol were handled by Peak Government Affairs as well as annual event presentation and attendance, outside consulting efforts and any other American Planning Association needs in regard to government affairs. This will not change with altering the name on the contract.
Peak Government Affairs LTD

Motion by Tareq to approve the assignment contact and authorization of the Chapter Administrator to sign the agreement on behalf of APA Colorado.
Second by TJ.
Discussion: None
Vote: 16 aye (Paul, Erica, James, Stan, Seth, Chris, Eric, Jessica I., Tamra, Lor, Carrie, Joni, Susan, Rebecca, TJ and Tareq) 3 anonymous votes were also received in favor of the motion.


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