Board Minutes 05-09-2014

APA Colorado Board Meeting Minutes
Friday May 9, 2014

Boulder County Land Use Department
Boulder, CO 

The meeting was called to order by President, Susan Wood at 2:00 p.m.
Roll Call:

Present:  Susan Wood, President; Stan Clauson, President Elect; Jessica Ibanez, VP External Affairs; T.J. Dlubac, VP of Communications; Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer; Tareq Wafaie, Professional Development Officer; Jessica Osborne, Metro Representative;  Lor Pelligrino, South Central Representative; Tamra Allen, Central Mountain Representative; Seth Lorson, North Central Representative; Carrie Makarewicz, Faculty Representative; James Cramer, Student Representative; and Eric Heil, Legislative Committee Co-Chair

Absent:   Erica Heller, Metro Representative; Chris Hawkins, Southwest Representative; Dan Bush, Legislative Committee Co-Chair;  Julio Iturreria, Western Planner Representative;  Paul Rosenberg, Public Official Representative; Rebecca Levy, Northwest Representative; and Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

Staff:  Absent

1. Opening Remarks – Susan Wood, President

a. APA National Conference:
Susan recapped APA National conference for the Board. She stated the conference and the sessions were overall good but noted that the conference center was out of the way.

b. National Elections

Susan gave an overview of the APA National election outcomes: Carol Ray is the new President-elect. Valerie Hubbard from Florida was elected AICP President. The new Region 5 Representatives is Brian Campbell from Oregon. Phil Ferrington was not reelected. She then reviewed the Chapter President’s Council’s liaison positions and noted that she was asked to be the AICP liaison. She appreciated the opportunity to continue to participate.

2. Flood Recovery Update: Kim Sanchez, Planning Division Manager/ Flood Recovery Coordinator for Boulder County

Susan introduced Kim Sanchez who reviewed the flooding in Boulder County from 2013 and history of county flooding events. Kim discussed the floodway and floodplain mapping that was utilized and noted the extent of the impacts beyond mapped areas with the recent event. She said that several high hazard homes were identified and 15 total were removed. They are in the process of recovery review including getting residents into their homes and setting up a special permitting center to process permits and assist residents in their recovery.

3. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report – Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer

a. April 2014 Minutes
Joni asked for corrections. None noted.

Motion by Jessica I to approve the April minutes.
Second Eric.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. April 2014 Financial Report
Joni summarized the April financial report. Joni also noted that the checking and savings account information has been included in the workbook.

Motion by Stan to approve the financial report.
Second Eric
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

4. Chapter Administrator Report – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

a. Crested Butte Conference
Susan asked how many plan on attending the June Board meeting. She asked if anyone was having issues trying to set up rooms. A couple of issues for staff were previously noted and if the Board has issues, they should let Shelia know. Sheila will ask our event planner to attend to keep issues at bay. Jessica O noted CASTA was there last year and Boulder County organized. Shelia may want to check in with them. Susan noted we put out flyers at National for Utah, New Mexico to generate some additional attendees. Crested Butte is a destination conference.

b. National Reception
Susan recapped the National reception for the Board. The location was great, and well attended with a mix of attendees from participating states. Susan noted she had a request from a Texas planner, previously from Colorado to attend but it was too late. Seth asked if we had advertised on the web site. Tareq noted it was on the calendar on the website.

5. Old Business – 

a. 2014 APA Colorado Ballot Update – Seth Lorson, Nominating Committee Chair
Seth reminded the Board that the ballot they had approved had two candidates per category. The previous week a candidate for the VP of Communications withdrew. He informed the Board that the Committee had sent out emails to seek another candidate for VP of Communications position. Tareq suggested seeking out one of the committed Denver Metro Representative candidates to run for VP instead. Seth thought they could also reach out to candidates from last election. It was noted that the deadline from APA National for the candidate statements appeared to be Wednesday (7th) and the Board inquired if that date could be moved. The Board suggested checking with Shelia to see if she can call National on Monday. Susan thinks we need to certify ballot by May. Discussion pursued and the Board concurred to wait and vote by email to get the most accurate ballot. Seth will attempt to get ballot with two candidates for each position by the end of next week, but the Chapter will go forward with one candidate if we have to.

No action taken.

b. PIC Restructuring – Susan Wood, President and Eric Heil, Legislative Committee Co-Chair
Eric has taken the lead on this item. Eric noted that the PIC Board was constituted of volunteers that dwindled and has not had meetings in the last three years. The APA Colorado Board appoints the PIC Board members with staggered three year terms, but all seats are currently vacant. The Board previously looked at dissolving PIC but based on previous discussion, it was suggested to leave as a separate entity. A six-person board was suggested by Stan stating the President, Secretary/Treasurer and Professional Development Officer are required. Eric recommended annual appointments rather than tracking of three year terms. This change would require a vote of APA Colorado Board to change the PIC Bylaws. Eric then stated that the new PIC Board could be appointed at this meeting or the next. Eric, Susan and Stan agreed to participate along with Tareq and Joni. The Board agreed that they would get the PIC Board back up and running and see how it progresses. In the long term, the Board can discuss dissolving.

Motion by Stan to approve the PIC Bylaw changes as proposed with alternate language.
Second TJ.
Discussion: Seth noted this seems like a result of dis-function. Eric notes the lack of participation. We have staff but the volunteers were note able to give the time this requires. Susan reminded everyone that PIC has a loan from APA but it’s doubtful that in our lifetime it will be paid back. Volunteers found it difficult to get marketing plan in place. Our new website is part of this discussion. PIC is not loosing money but Sheila’s time has been/will be going towards this project moving forward. TJ likes simplified bylaws. Eric said the first step is to actually meet with a quorum.

Seth wanted to look at the product with a mind towards incentive vs. regulations and CM credit vs. education. TJ said PIC is still a viable product, and the Board needs to look at allied professionals. Susan noted that PIC was targeted to realtors originally. Susan said that provided this motion passes, it will take time to look at options and opportunities and those will come back to the APA Colorado Board for discussion. Tareq noted a possible overlap with other committees such as the Professional Development Committee and the Outreach & Communication Committee.

Motion to approve the PIC Bylaws changes.
Vote: Unanimous
Motion by TJ to approve the appointment of the PIC Board: Eric, Susan and Stan.
Second by Jessica O.
Discussion: Stan summarized the action that the new PIC Board will take: Activate an advisory committee to assist with the updating of the institute product. We would not rely on them to meet and make decisions in lieu of the board. Joni noted faculty committee existed, at least on paper.
Vote: Susan, Stan and Eric abstain. All others in favor.

6. New Business

a. 2014 Student Scholarship Award – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
Susan noted that we have $2,000 in the budget and potentially $2,000 from the Transportation Symposium. Eric suggested giving all three candidates $1,000. Joni confirmed that the budget line item was correct. The Board concurred that it seemed reasonable to provide an additional $1,000 from the Transportation Symposium scholarship income. Stan and Tamra expressed their agreement and Carrie stated she appreciated the Boards decision to award all three students merit the scholarship.

Motion to award a $1,000 scholarship to each of the three scholarship candidates (WaverlyDe Bruijn Klaw, Anne Tayler Kuechenmeister and Laia Camps Mitchell)
Second by Jessica I .
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. Website Project Mapping Tool – Jessica Ibanez, VP External Affairs and Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
Jessica I. introduced the item to the Board. Urban Interactive Studios (UIS) has put together a tool that Sheila and Jessica have viewed. The webpage allows users to input planning projects across the state which then show up on a map and bring up planning project information. The site would be all user driven content at no cost to APA Colorado.

Jessica I then noted there might be an opportunity for additional sponsorship revenues. When you click on a project, it will bring up information about that project and can also highlight the consultants working on the project or associated with the project. The consultant could be charged for the ability to display their logo and link to their website. The home page would have the top 5 to 10 projects and a consultant could pay to have that top tier listing. Revenue was not the main factor for UIS in designing and contacting APA CO for this tool.

Jessica I. then noted there would be some staff time and cost incurred. Susan asked if the Board approves the idea, would Jessica I. and Shelia come back to get a second approval. Jessica I. confirmed that would happen and that they would also check with the Sponsorship Committee. Jessica O. noted there might be a need for a disclaimer if the page is not updated often enough. Susan expressed that if the mapping tool drives traffic to our site, that is great; but she also expressed concerns with the revenue stream piece. Jessica I. said the Board can go either way on the revenue part or ask the Sponsorship Committee to weigh in. TJ asked if Jessica I. was foreseeing a partnership agreement because the Chapter should make sure it is not giving preference to one firm. Jessica O. wanted to keep Sheila in the loop so that the time commitment is clear and to further evaluate cost.

Jessica I noted that the recommended motion was to approve a temporary pilot with the next development step being content. Start with workflow and check in with sponsorship first. TJ asked if we would be competing with our own resource library and Susan noted that a host of members are unclear on what our website is currently offering. Tareq asked if we already have these capabilities within our website and TJ replied that we don’t because it was not part of scope. Seth inquired if the application brings people to paid advertisements from our site and Jessica I. responded that it wasn’t the end goal but a piece we are exploring. She said the goal is to provide project information to our members. After more discussion and deliberation, Susan noted that a lack of a motion suggested the Board may need more information. Jessica I. noted that this mapping tool would provide a visual aspect to the resource library. The input process would be quick and the map is the key and differentiates it from the resource library. UIS will get advertisement leverage for their company by being on our site.

Eric asked if the fees would all go to APA Colorado or be split and Jessica I said that revenue split is an option. Eric then stated he liked a map link within the Chapters resource library. He noted that we already have the sponsor piece intact and wasn’t sure we should include additional a commercialized aspect on our website. Susan said it was a good idea to link to the map and suggested we do an RFP to let others approach us with this option if we want it. We could then recoup funds via sponsorship. She felt it feels like favoritism if we do not put out an RFP. TJ noted their business model includes project website setup and we could consider this as a sponsorship and put a dollar amount similar to adding a logo. Susan suggested removing the temporary pilot aspect and Seth recommended having UIS come to a future meeting to discuss it further with the Board. Eric felt it would be better to do an RFP then give cost consideration. 

Motion by Eric to ask UIS to suggest that the Board put out an RFP for a graphic interface with a preference for proposals that provide an interface to our resource library with a footer recognizing the company.
Second Seth.
Discussion: None
Vote: Stan abstaining – his son works there.

7. Committee Updates:

a. APAS Student Committee – James Cramer, Student Representative
James said elections were held on May 5th and Kaylee Hill is the new APA Colorado Student Representative. June will be James’ last meeting and Kaylee will be attending in July. James has started an outline for the New Planners magazine article on the Job Shadowing program. He will be following up with a Survey Monkey survey in June to hosts and students.

b. Awards Committee - Anna Gagne, Committee Chair
Susan noted they have met twice. Decisions likely made yesterday on award winners.

c. Bylaws Committee – Stan Clauson, Committee Chair
Stan noted that Sheila has been doing revision work and sending out updates to the committee. Last set of revisions should be out and ready for the next meeting.

d. Emerging Professional Planners –Deryn Wagner
TJ updated the Board on upcoming events, including partnering with UC Denver meet up group. The group will be co-hosting at Wynkoop to discuss history of Denver on May 21st. EPP’s elections will be in July and they are working with Stan on joint meeting in August. Seth is working with EPP to host a trivia night at Coopersmiths in Old Town Fort Collins on May 29th.

Stan and Tamara talked about meeting arrangements and that the August meeting was tentatively scheduled for Glenwood Springs. Stan suggested having the August meeting in Denver or Boulder instead and conclude it with a joint EPP / APA CO happy hour with EPP. The September meeting could be in Glenwood Springs.

e. Legislative Committee - Eric Heil and Dan Bush, Co-chair
Eric noted most of the session is over and that several bills dropped out. He noted the large number of water bills but that the TIF bill (HB1375) was the most exciting. APA CO did a good job of jumping into the fray and Eric did testify. He noted that planner testimony did sway at least one member. However, ultimately the Senate rejected amendment and the Bill is going to the Governor. There’s an opportunity to ask Governor Hickenlooper to Veto the Bill. CU and CSU are willing to undertake a study. If still interested, APA Colorado should follow up with them. No model currently exists to educate on this issue. There is merit in running a study bill next year. There was a pervasive sentiment that City URA’s are out of hand and giving counties leverage at the table would somehow rectify the perceived inequity. Discussion ensued regarding potential outcomes of the study and participation.

There was consensus to pursue legislation that would amend mandatory comprehensive plan language regarding water planning. Eric closed by stated that the Legislative Committee interests should be reviewed over the summer.

f. Outreach & Communications Committee - TJ Dlubac and Jessica Ibanez, Committee Co-Chairs
Jessica I said she didn’t have any updates. TJ said the newsletter is complete and all articles were forwarded to Sheila. He stated it’s already time for the next round with the focus on “sustainable tourism “articles wanted. All articles will be due by July 18th.

g. PIC Review Committee, TBD

h. Professional Development Committee – Tareq Wafaie, Committee Chair
Tareq informed the Board that the AICP Exam training went well in April with 30 participants. He noted he is starting to get good ideas to improve the sessions- longer sessions appear warranted. Session proposals were reviewed in a two week time frame and the preliminary conference schedule is already prepared. He noted a good mix of topics and speakers. The Board then discussed the options of taking the AICP test early and Stan noted this was a topic of conversation at the National conference.

i. Sponsorship Committee - Erica Heller, Committee Chair
Susan requested that the Board sign up for sponsorship calls.

j. Sustainability Committee - Erica Heller, Board Liaison
No report

8. Board Member Updates:

Jessica had a question on the strategic planning process. Stan noted that we should look at the current plan and look at areas that are neglected that we could put further emphasis on. Stan is interested in a different format. There were questions about member participation in forming the strategic plan and when does that occur, if at all. The general consensus was that the member input was through area representatives and board members. Susan noted that we take comment for 30 days on our website after it is drafted and then adopt it at the annual meeting. The Board agreed the “how” would be a good topic for discussion at the meeting. The Board was reminded that each member is still responsible for their own area. Example: Legislative, Secretary/Treasurer.

Stan stated that on the APA website the national election report was online with a complete statistical analysis. Only 15.8% of Colorado members voted, but that was better than the average of 13.5%. How can we enhance interest in the governance of APA? We should think about this as a Strategic Plan option for engagement.

9. Other Business - None

Meeting ended at 5:00 p.m.


Email Vote 6/3:
Stan Clauson: President-elect
I have been looking into having a facilitator for the Strategic Planning Session this Friday. Please see the thread below. Russ Forrest on the local Host Committee from Gunnison has recommended Janice Welborn as a local person who is highly qualified. However, this would result in an unbudgeted expense of $675. So I am asking for Board approval of this expense, which I believe can be covered from our sponsorship efforts. I believe that having a facilitator will help us move forward efficiently, and often helps to ensure that everyone is being properly heard and all ideas acknowledged.

Here is the e-mail I sent to Janice Welborn that describes my aspirations for the meeting: Attached to Russ Forrest’s e-mail is our current Strategic Plan in excel format and the APA National Development Plan. In general, my goal as incoming president would be to move our current plan into more of a format similar to the APA national, that is, more of an accessible narrative. An excel spreadsheet similar to our current plan might follow as more of an “Action Item” list. I think we might also look at our mission statement “Making Great Communities Happen.” It replicates the APA National mission statement, which is ok, but I’m wondering if the Board would support something more unique to Colorado. In short, a more particularized mission statement and a narrative identifying goals, objectives, and task areas. That’s the Strategic Plan vision, but most important I’d like the Board to feel free to express their comments and ideas, and ideas they have heard from the constituents they represent. Sometimes this is easier with a neutral facilitator. For this reason, I have reached out to Russ and to you.
So, imagine a four-hour (I bet we may go to 2 PM) session with lunch served, some full group discussion and break out into small groups to discuss interest areas, then reconvening to bring it all together. Your task would be to facilitate the general discussions, circulate among the groups, keep things on track, and bring it all together. Our departing president and I may all make brief statements, and Shelia, our chapter administrator, could be available as note taker.
Please understand that I believe our current plan format has served us well. However, I believe that if we had more of a narrative introduction and key development areas identified, the Plan would be more accessible and easier for all of us to keep the goals in mind. We could very likely undertake this work without a facilitator, but it may be considerably more efficient to have someone assisting us. Please let me know your thoughts on this, or a simple yea or nay on the expenditure.

Motion by Susan Wood:
I would move to approve the expenditure of $675 for a facilitator to assist in a revision to the Strategic Plan.
Background: This revision marks the first potentially major revision to the Plan in more than 6 years. The current plan was updated (rather than rewritten) when I became President 4 years ago. A facilitator may well help us, the Board, to explore new options and/or format that would help take the organization forward.

Second by Chris.

Aye: Tareq, Seth, Susan, Stan, Chris, Lor, Erica & Joni
No: TJ
Abstain: Eric & Paul




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