Board Minutes 09-05-2014

APA Colorado Board Meeting Minutes
Friday September 5, 2014

Virtual Meeting
The meeting was called to order by President, Susan Wood at 2:06 p.m.

Roll call:
Present: Stan Clauson, President; Susan Wood, Past President; Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer; Jessica Ibanez, VP External Affairs; Tareq Wafaie, Professional Development Officer; Lor Pelligrino, South Central Representative; Seth Lorson, North Central Representative; Toby Stauffer, Northwest Representative; Tamra Allen, Central Mountain Representative; Paul Rosenberg, Public Official Representative; Carrie Makarewicz, Faculty Representative; and Eric Heil, Legislative Committee Chair

Absent: Erica Heller, Metro Representative; Julio Iturreria, Western Planner Representative; and Caeli Hill, Student Representative. 

Vacant Positions:  Southwest Representative and VP Communications

Staff: Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

1. Opening Remarks – Stan Clauson, President

Stan deferred his opening remarks until after the end of the meeting.

2. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report – Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer

a. August 1, 2014 Minutes
Joni introduced the minutes from the August meeting at Design Workshop. She asked for comments and no comments were offered.

Motion by Tareq to approve the August minutes.
Second by Susan.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous.

b. August 2014 Financial Report
Joni summarized the August financial report. August 2014 showed a net income of $18,961.04. Total income was $25,328.13 with most being from conference registration and sponsorship. The next conference registration installment will be posted in September. She closed by asking for any questions or comments but none were offered.

Motion by Eric to approve the August financial report.
Second by Seth.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

3. Chapter Administrator Report – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

Shelia updated the Board on the planning for the conference in Crested Butte. The conference logo was shown to the Board and she informed them that the program was in design and would be ready for proofing sometime next week. The lanyards and badges were ready and the inserts will be printed and delivered by September 26th. She is working with Mountain Express on the bus schedule to accommodate the off-site mobile tours and events and will tie down the AV order early next week. Sponsorship is currently at $21,250 with two new companies looking into a custom package. She noted there aren’t as many exhibitors this year and she will try to contact additional companies for this opportunity. Registration was at 200 as of the board meeting and she said she would work directly with students to get them registered if they are not APA members. She then said that the student group is interested in doing a poster display but are looking into how many might actually participate and if it can be done in the time allowed. Award recipients and non-recipients have been notified and the Awards Committee will be working on the reception. Reception plans currently include a video of all Honor awards, slideshow for all others and display of the winning plans. Lastly, she will be working with Caeli on the student volunteer schedule and is still waiting on feedback from the Local Host Committee regarding items for the bag and/or folders.
Shelia then shared the thank you notes from the scholarship recipients.

Shelia moved on to discuss the recent elections. She informed the Board that the election announcements should be made in the next one to two weeks. She will be working with Stan or his designee on how to handle the Annual meeting and introductions/induction of new board members.

Susan wanted to discuss the previous item regarding student registration for the conference. She inquired why students weren’t APA members. Shelia replied that she couldn’t speak for all of them but a few noted that the cost of the APA membership and the cost of the conference were too much for the students to pay at one time. Most indicated they would join at some point and were looking into the free membership, but the timing on the free membership might not correlate with registration deadline.

Lor asked who designed the conference logo and Shelia said she did. Shelia spoke to how the logo got to where it was.
Jessica asked about the conference sponsorship budget and if we had met the budgeted goal. Shelia said we had but we were still behind what had been raised for the 2013 Vail conference.

Seth and Jessica stated they would be working the APA Colorado table at the DCI Conference.

4. Old Business

a. 2014 Strategic Plan Update– Stan Clauson, President
Stan said he has been working with on a draft of the new strategic plan. He said he hadn’t shared the draft with the committee yet, but plans to do so when he’s on vacation this month. Shelia reminded the Board that the Strategic Plan needs to be reviewed at the annual meeting and should be sent out to the membership for comment one month (30 days) prior. Stan said he would have it available for distribution in the next few weeks.

5. New Business

a. Appointment of Northwest Area Representative – Stan Clauson, President
Stan noted that the Northwest Area Representative position has been vacant since June when Rebecca Levy resigned. He informed the board that several emails were sent out seeking interest in the position and the result was an expressed interest by Toby Stauffer from Steamboat Springs. The term she would be filling will expire November 2015. Toby introduced herself and said she was excited to join the Board.

Motion by Eric to approve appointment of Toby Stauffer to the vacant Northwest Area Representative position.
Second by Seth.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. 2015 Transportation Symposium – Susan Wood, Past-President & Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
Shelia told the Board that the Chapter has participated in the Transportation Symposium for a few years and has been active on the planning committee. She summarized how the event is planned and who participates. She then noted that in 2014, the Chapter received over $2000 towards scholarships. Susan said participation in the event is a good opportunity for the Chapter and Board to work with allied groups. The Symposium targets transportation professionals, including planners, and the event keeps growing in size each year.

Shelia then stated that the Chapter has been asked to serve as the lead for the 2015 Symposium. She summarized what would be involved for the Chapter serving as the lead for the planning committee. She noted that each year the job passes to one of the participating organizations, while each organization supplies one to three volunteers to do the planning. Susan said she would continue to participate on the planning committee as an APA Colorado representative. Shelia said she would too, but this year may require more of her time since the Chapter is serving as the lead organization. She relayed that she had informed the other organizations that APA Colorado would not be able to do the online registration and another organization would have to do that portion of the event. Susan stated that Lyndsey Sousa participated last year but can’t do it this year. Susan said she had not asked Dylan if he would be interested in helping out again. Susan then opened it up to others on the Board if they were interested in participating. Stan said he thought it was a good idea to stay involved and he would support the Chapter taking the lead role for 2015. He said Susan could appoint others to participate on behalf of the Chapter.

Motion by Seth to approve the Chapter serving as the lead organization in the planning efforts of the 2015 Transportation Symposium, including the solicitation of volunteers to spearhead the effort and the commitment of Staff time to coordinate the efforts.
Second by Eric.
Discussion: Jessica asked if the other organizations have any staff or if they were similar to us in that they don’t have full time staff. Shelia responded that most do not have any staff and they are run by all volunteers. The only exception was ACEC with a full time staff person. Shelia noted that representatives from each organization chip in to plan and organize the event. Jessica asked if Shelia felt she could work it into her current responsibilities. Shelia replied that she already helped with the event and would attempt to shuffle her current symposium duties to someone else to help reduce some of the hours she would spend on the planning effort.
Vote: Unanimous

c. Walk Denver Support Letter – Susan Wood, Past-President
Susan informed the Board that she had received an email from Gideon Berger, and APA Colorado member and a member of the WalkDenver Board, requesting APA Colorado provide a letter to Denver in support of establishing a Pedestrian Advisory Board and creating a Pedestrian Plan. WalkDenver is an organization that promotes walk friendly and pedestrian friendly environments. Susan said the organization has been working with the staff at the City & County of Denver to take a firmer stance on promoting pedestrian friendly places. She noted that Denver has been designated as a “walk friendly community.” WalkDenver is seeking letters to recommend that Denver codify their pedestrian friendly status by creating a pedestrian advisory committee and DenverMoves Pedestrians group like they have done with bicycle groups. She then noted that the Chapter hasn’t typically done this, taking a stand on an issue with a municipality, so she wanted to review it with the Board. She noted that the planning staff at the City & County of Denver are behind the WalkDenver request and have included line items in their budget to accommodate the request. The letter of support would be sent to the Manger of Public Works supporting WalkDenver as an organization and supporting the City’s efforts to be a pedestrian friendly environment. Stan reminded the Board that Susan had drafted a letter of support and it was included in the packet. Stan offered a few changes to the proposed support letter.

Motion by Tareq to approve submission of a letter of support from the Chapter, supporting the efforts of WalkDenver to establish a Pedestrian Advisory Bad and create a Pedestrian Plan.
Second by Joni.
Discussion: Stan suggested adding a statement that the Chapter would be willing to assist if needed or requested. Stan agreed that the Chapter typically does not nudge communities into activities they may not be comfortable with but in this case Denver looks to be on board with this movement.
Vote: Unanimous

Susan said she would make the changes to the letter and send it to Stan for signature.

6. Committee Updates:

a. APAS Student Committee – Caeli Hill, Student Representative
No report. Susan stated that Caeli had worked hard soliciting hosts for the job shadowing program. She noted that it looked bleak at one time but they eventually had 17 hosts in the end.

b. Awards Committee - Anna Gagne, Committee Chair
No report.

c. Emerging Planning Professional – Sarah Davis, Committee Chair
EPP could not be at the meeting but forwarded a report for the Board to read.

d. Legislative Committee - Eric Heil, Co-chair
Eric informed the Board that he had met with CML representatives regarding TIFF legislation. He stated they expect CCI to come back with the same legislation that was presented last year unless there are other suggestions. He said that the Chapter has a chance to have a voice at the table and participate this time around because it we did a good job of communicating our desire for a report the last time around. He noted a separate bill for a study would not be supported but if it was included in another bill it might be accepted. He noted that the metro area mayors are somewhat interested in a cooperative study but would be resistant to any TIFF bill. He stated that CML will most likely be opposed to any TIFF bill. He then said that unless new information is provided, there are already enough votes to pass the TIFF legislation. The governor most likely won’t veto it again if it’s passed for a second time. Susan agreed that there is a place for the Chapter and the meeting with CMS was productive. They both said the TIFF issue will be discussed during the 2014 Legislative Update session at the conference. They noted that the Chapter is divided since it is composed of both municipalities that oppose the TIFF legislation and counties that support the bill. The reminded the Board that the reason the Chapter opposed it the last time was because the legislation was introduced late in the session. This time it will be introduced early. Eric summarized that there is more potential for the Chapter to be divided this time and we may have a more neutral stance due to the split in our constituency. Stan asked if we should poll the membership about their feelings on TIFF and the legislation. Eric then mentioned a comment from a Chapter member last spring who was upset that the Chapter took a position without polling the membership. He said that if the legislation is introduced early enough this time, the Chapter might have time to poll the membership on this specific issue. Susan said getting the message out there is important so we don’t have a back lash but how to get the membership involved and seek their input is difficult. Eric said we don’t have an official position for or against for a hypothetical TIFF bill at this time. Stan said we should think about how to clarify the nature of the study and then how to poll our membership. Eric said it would be easier to target the questions once we know what the legislation says. Membership typically is against legislation if they work for a municipality and for it if they work for a county.

e. Outreach & Communications Committee - TJ Dlubac and Jessica Ibanez, Committee Co-Chairs
Jessica said the group is working on social media. She said the Social Media Manager will be monitoring our sites during the conference on and has set up a Twitter feed (#2014APACO). She said she was looking into more promotion of Community Planning Month and to use some of the promotional items offered by National such as the proclamations and posters.

f. PIC Review Committee, Eric Heil
No report. Eric hopes to have a meeting during the conference.

g. Professional Development Committee – Tareq Wafaie, Committee Chair
Tareq said he is looking forward to the conference and the AICP Exam prep workshop. He noted the workshop is changing to meet the needs of the test takers. Previous feedback from attendees at the May workshop showed they wanted more practice questions. He then moved on to talk about the recent CM report from National, noting the reports are not accurate. He said he plans to work with National to find out why the information isn’t accurate. Stan suggested using the list in the report to advertise the state and national conferences. Shelia informed the Board that there were currently 13 people attending the workshop.

h. Sustainability Committee - Erica Heller, Board Liaison
No report.

7. Board Member Updates:

a. Western Planner Resources Update
Susan summarized the request from Western Planner Resource (WPR). Julio was not able to attend this meeting but has been participating in the WPR meetings. She said that WPR has been in existence for 20 plus years and offers a service to those in rural areas. She noted that Colorado doesn’t’ have as many members compared to Nevada and other western states. She reminded the Board that the Chapter worked with WPR to host the conference in Santa Fe. She stated the WPR is having problems financially and have been looking at ways to address it. WPR has an annual conference that draws attendees from all over the West and they publish the Western Planner Journal. She then reviewed the draft memo from WPR and noted one option they were looking at was to establish a membership fee for affiliates at $1500 a year. She said WPR is valuable and the Chapter should try to help them if we can because they fill in gaps that we don’t address. She said she would ask for clarification about the membership dues and if those include the mailed journal. The Board asked if WPR had considered raising their membership fees. Stan said in reviewing the memo it looked like there were other proposals but options 2 and 4 came to the top, with the $1500 fee being one of them. The Board questioned what benefits would be made available to our membership if we paid the affiliate fee. Stan said the benefits would have to justify the expense. Susan said a greater understanding is needed of what WPR is wanting from us and she wondered if there are other things the Chapter could do to help. Stan noted they could look for sponsorships to help undercut their expenses. Susan concluded that she would talk to Julio before the next meeting so he could answer the Board’s questions. 

Tareq wanted to talk about the Strategic Plan and inquired if the committee would be getting together before the conference or at the conference. Stan said he will send out a draft to the committee and solicit comments prior to the conference.

Lor asked if we could afford the $1500 for WPR. Susan said that would be a Board decision and the Board would need to determine if it’s a worthwhile expenditure when setting future budgets. Stan said it’s hard to answer without looking into to, but Joni would probably agree that our budget it fully allocated at this time. Joni agreed it is a matter of choices.

Joni wanted to share a story from a retired, former APA Colorado member. She said the member didn’t qualify for APA National’s retirement rate because she wasn’t 65 and therefore the member chose not to renew her APA membership. APA National contacted the member and when she relayed her story, they did nothing. The member was disappointed that APA National wasn’t responsive and didn’t value her as a 35 year member. Susan thanked Joni for the information and said there is an opportunity to share it at the national level. She agreed that it was not a great message to put out to that you aren’t valued.

Stan then noted that Susan will be his proxy at the CPC since he will be out of the country. He asked her to bring the item to the floor if there was an opportunity. Susan said it might be a good topic for the CPC Executive Board.

Susan then summarized a conversation she had earlier in the day with Rocky Piro. He had relayed that the Transportation Planning Division was having a peer review in Denver on September 22 and 23 with planners coming in from across the country. The group is coming at the request of City & County of Denver to address the I-70 problem near the Denver Stock Shows. APA Colorado has stayed clear of this, and she found it interesting that this panel is coming to review and offer suggestions and solutions. The group will meet with CDOT, Denver, DRCOG, and community leaders to look at solutions for the problems with the elevated section of I-70. Rocky had asked if APA Colorado would want to have a presence in the group. Susan noted it was a little late and offered to possibly just have a breakfast for the group to meet them and welcome them to Denver. Susan said she could get that scheduled and felt it would be acceptable to greet the group but not be involved in the issue discussion. Paul asked why she was conflicted with being involved when we have national representatives coming to offer their options. She responded that we as a Chapter have always tried not to tell a community how they should do things. In this case, we aren’t telling them what they are doing wrong but offering ideas. Stan asked if logistically, we could pull off participation at this point and most agree we probably could not.

Seth said he is sitting on the planning committee for the DCI Conference the following week in Fort Collins. He said the group expressed concern that there hasn’t been a great deal of interest in the conference this year. He encouraged the Board to attend and promote the event. Stan said Shelia could mail out a notice.

Stan said at the last Board meeting the CPC Grant application was approved and that he had submitted it. The request was for $6000 for Plan Finder tool which is a planned collaborative map that people could access from home, work or on the go. He then noted that he had completed the employment agreement with Shelia. Finally, he said the Chapter needs to look at the timing of future conferences as it relates to the Jewish holidays, the Federal Policy briefing and CPC meeting in Washington. He noted it is difficult for a Chapter President to attend both even if the Chapter is paying for it.

The Board agreed that the first online “Go to Meeting” was successful and has potential to be used more in the future. Stan noted it might be possible to have more interaction and we could look at enhancing the technology for all Board members to have full access in the future. Seth liked the idea because he didn’t hear much of the meeting with the conference call number and he could hear better this way. Tareq agreed and said he uses it and it’s a useful tool. Carrie said the sound quality was definitely better.

8. Other Business – None

Motion to adjourn by Susan
Second Seth
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

Meeting ended at 3:42 p.m.




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