Board Minutes 12-05-2014

APA Colorado Board Meeting Minutes
Friday December 5, 2014

Univerty of Colorado at Denver
College of Architecture & Planning
Denver, CO
Facility Tour & Presentation
1.  Welcome & Introduction - Stan Clauson, President
2.  Presentation - Lindsey Bieging, Assistant Director Development, Ann Komara, Associate Professor and Chair Department of Landscape Architecture and Co-Director Urban Design Program, and Jeremy Nemeth, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair Department of Planning and Design Co-Director, Master of Urban Design Program
Presentation began at 1:00 p.m. and adjourned at 2:05 p.m.
Attending: Stan, Dylan, Joni, Sarah, Caeli, Eric, Libby, Jessica, Tareq, Paul , Julio and Erica
Regular Meeting
The meeting was called to order by President, Stan Clauson at 2:13 p.m.

Roll call:
Present: Stan Clauson, President; Jessica Ibanez, VP External Affairs; Dylan Grabowski, VP of Communications; Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer; Tareq Wafaie, Professional Development Officer; Libby Tart Schoenfelder, Metro Representative; Erica Heller, Metro Representative; Russ Forrest, Southwest Representative; Seth Lorson, North Central Representative; Toby Staufer, Northwest Representative; Paul Rosenberg, Public Official Representative; Caeli Hill, Student Representative; Julio Iturreria, Western Planner Representative; Sarah R. Davis, EPP Representative; Eric Heil, Legislative Committee Co-Chair

AbsentSusan Wood, Past President; Kit Roupe, South Central Representative;  Tamra Allen, Central Mountain Representative; Carrie Makarewicz, Faculty Representative; 

Guests: Dan Pava and Ken Waido, Western Planner 

Staff: Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

3.  Opening Remarks – Stan Clauson, President

Stan made a plea for board members to keep Friday’s free and thanked everyone in attendance for coming.

4.  Western Planner Resources Update – Julio Iturreria, Western Planner Representative with guests – Dan Pava and Ken Waido

Julio introduced the item to the board, and noted that he is one of the newest members to Western Planner (WP) but has been a supporter for much longer than his membership reflects. He said that now as Western Planner Board member, he has learned that there are only 26 APA Colorado members that subscribe to Western Planner Journal. He was taken aback that the Chapter doesn’t have more participants. Julio then introduced Ken Waido who was participating via conference call. Ken said there has been and still is a cordial relationship between APA National and Western Planner. He informed the Board that when WP was started 34 years ago, it filled a gap for planners in the west by providing their journal (5 times a year) and their annual conference. WP served as a communication and education hub for planners in the west while APA National was growing in this area. WP has received grants from APA National and two of WPs previous board members have moved up in the APA National ranks. Julio asked Ken to give an overview of where WP is currently and future plans for the organization. Ken noted that WP is going into a transition period and trying to remain competitive in the changing market. Their journal is changing to a digital format, having previously always been printed. The Western Planner Journal is written by western planners for western planners. Ken stated that there are a lot of great state planning organizations in the West, but WP grew out of a need for regional planning. WP is currently struggling financially. He said the WP annual conference provides 25-30% of their operating revenue.

Stan inquired what contributions or help WP is looking for from APA Colorado. Ken and Julio responded that they would like to have the Chapter and Board assist in recruiting more subscribers from APA Colorado members. They are asking the same from other partner organizations. Dave noted that there are three states where the Chapter or organization provides every member a subscription to the WP Journal. Stan said the WP had a genesis when the APA state chapters weren’t as strong as they are now and maybe WP isn’t an essential part of the planning landscape anymore. Ken agreed that the state organizations are stronger now and that with the changes in technology both have had impacts on WP. The search for information has changed from WP being the primary source, where now planners can do internet searches from their desk for the information. WP, however, still has the historical knowledge. He then said that WP helped establish the Alaska, Idaho, and West Central chapters of APA but that there is still a need for regionalism.

Stan then asked what WP is asking of Colorado and agreed that the Chapter and Board could encourage people to subscribe. He then asked how the three chapters referenced previously provided the WP Journal to all their members. Ken clarified that WP isn’t a membership organization, per se, but a subscription to a professional journal. He also stated that planners should first join their state organization, and then subscribe WP. He informed the Board that Colorado has a different status by paying $5 more than a chapter or organization with a “sustaining” status and that in the past APA Colorado has given grants to WP to sustain itself and has partnered on conferences. The Board talked about the WP journal and how it meets the specific needs and topics of planners in the west and during this time Dan joined the call. He said membership in his APA New Mexico Chapter has declined, but there are still planners who want to affiliate through chapter only membership (COM). His chapter reinvented the COM to bring back members due to rising national membership costs and included a WP subscription in the cost. Arizona and Nevada are looking at similar models. He also clarified a subscription to the WP Journal includes membership rates for conference attendance.

Eric asked them to again clarify what they are asking from the APA Colorado Chapter. Dan stated they are asking for a level of support where members are asked to subscribe to the journal and possibly a direct financial contribution to the organization. Dan said that APA NM will provide $1000 contribution to WP. Julio thanked Ken and Dan for calling in and Stan suggested Julio provide a summary and recommendations at the next meeting. Julio noted that there seems to be less states actively involved, and Eric summarized that may be WP’s problem asking if they are becoming obsolete or are they still needed. It was clarified the WP fees is for a subscription, not a membership and Erica stated that the WP Journal is a great opportunity for APA Colorado to get our information out to other states and organizations, and fits our strategic plan goals. Paul asked about if APA Colorado was also experiencing declining membership and Shelia and Stan both confirmed the Chapter was not.

5.  Secretary/Treasurer’s Report – Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer

a. November 2014 Minutes

Joni asked for comments corrections. With none being offered, Stan asked for a motion.

Motion by Erica to approve the November minutes.
Second by Paul.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. November 2014 Financial Report
Joni introduced the November financial report. She noted the net loss of over $33,000 but stated that mostly covered the final payment for conference to the hotel. She said the year-to-date looks better than the monthly summary and then asked for questions. Paul asked how much the Chapter currently has in the bank and Joni reviewed the financial report which showed a bank balance of almost $40,000 and a savings of over $53,000. She informed the Board that the checking seems to hold steady around $30,000-$40,000 and the savings has held around $50,000. The Board asked about the 2013 balances and Joni replied that that information was readily available at the meeting, but could be provided to the Board. The Board then asked about the 2014 conference profits and Joni asked them to review the backup material in the 2015 Budget commentary. She summarized that the current figures show a net profit of almost $50,000.

Motion by Erica to approve the November financial report.
Second by Julio
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

6. Chapter Administrator Report – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

Shelia informed the Board that she had met with Conference Direct to plan the RFP process for the 2017 conference. She will be sending letters to the planning directors in Breckenridge, Estes Park, and Telluride/Mountain Village in the next few weeks. The letter will ask each of them to submit a Letter of Intent to host the conference. Concurrent to that, Conference Direct will send out the RFP to the hotels/conference centers in these towns. All information will be provided and a recommendation made at the January or February board meeting. Paul informed the Board that the week of September 20th won’t work due to Rosh Hashanah. Shelia said she would let Conference Direct know to remove that week. She informed the Board that if the dates were moved earlier in September, it would result in higher costs and less negotiation flexibility. The Board agreed to try to keep the conference affordable but to also make sure places are open during the conference. The Board talked about preferences for dates, locations, and activities.

Shelia then informed the Board that the 2015 Transportation Symposium had its first conference call and she, Susan and Dylan were working to tie down the location. The date will be April 10th. She then said she would send out an updated 2015 meeting date and location sheet.

7. Old Business 

a. Legislative Liaison Contract Renewal – Eric Heil, Legislative Chair

Eric stated he had sent out the updated contract to the Board that morning with the requested revisions to paragraph four. He read the revised language:

4. Compensation: November 1, 2014 – October 31, 2015 = $23,040.55
(based on approximately 75% research and 25% lobbying)

APA Colorado will consider a compensation increase each fall to take effect on November 1st, but has no obligation to approve any compensation increase. APA Colorado, in its sole discretion, may approve a compensation increase based on the Denver-Boulder-Greeley inflationary index. APA Colorado may decide to award higher compensation based on performance, scope of service, and other relevant factors.

He concluded by asking the Board if they wanted to include a $150 gift card as a thank you gesture like last year.

Motion by Paul to approved the contract as presented along with a $150 gift card.
Second by Erica
Discussion: Jessica asked if Sol was required to provide a written report each month and Eric replied that he does a summary of the bills each month that are distributed to the Legislative Committee. He also does an end of the session summary. Eric noted that some of what Sol does is nebulous but we get the insight into the capital and our voice is getting stronger with the legislators. The Board noted that this is hard to measure compared to other types of work that are done for us. Jessica commented that it would be helpful to have a backup document for the Chapter to review for an expenditure of this amount.
Stan said there was discussion about asking for additional reporting and should that be in the contract or the motion and Jessica replied that she would like to have it in the discussion of the contract renewal next year.
Vote: Unanimous

a. 2014 Strategic Plan Update– Stan Clauson, President

Stan said he had just finished the action item list and will be sending the plan to the committee for review. He hopes to have it to the Board in January.

b. Area Representative Redistricting Map– Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

Shelia summarized the commentary. She said she had sent a summary of the history to all the Board and in doing so noticed that changes could still be recommended but they were to be reviewed by the Board and not a subcommittee. She also summarized the recommendations of the subcommittee as it pertained to the voting process. The committee agreed that the changes should be voted on specifically by those affected but Toby had pointed out that the changes were also Bylaws changes and therefore had to be voted on by the entire membership. Shelia said she would work with the committee to vet different ways this could be accomplished but still hold to the intention of only allowing those affected to vote on the changes. Stan said the reason he wanted the voting to be restricted was to get feedback from those actually affected by the changes. He said that if a statewide vote is done, those areas affected might not have a chance to weigh in. He said whatever we do, those affected should vote on their specific changes. There was much discussion about the voting process. Some asked if the vote would be on the specific change of an individual county, or if it would be the change to the area as a whole. Russ suggested soliciting comments again from the membership to get feedback and asked once again why the changes were proposed in the first place. Stan said he couldn’t speak to the Southwest Area because he wasn’t part of the original discussion but that during his time as the Central Mountain Area Representative, he asked for feedback and the county planning directors were happy with the change. The Board talked about the changes and the pros and cons of each then Tareq asked if there could be changes to the bylaws to give more flexibility. Shelia asked that proposed modifications to the map be directed to her for inclusion on January agenda. Toby said she had polled her membership about the changes to the Northwest Area and they were all favorable. Toby said she believes that letting the members vote is important and Russ said he wants to ensure all the members understand the rationale for the changes.

c. 2015 Karen B. Smith Chapter Award and the CPC leadership Recognition Award Applications – Susan Wood, Past President - No report.

d. APA Colorado Membership Brochure – Stan Clauson, President

Stan summarized the commentary and showed the brochure. Erica asked to have the Union Station picture updated. Stan said to look at the other examples as well. Jessica said we could put some money behind it we could hire someone. The Board agreed that the brochure was a great start and that changes should be made once the current copies have been used.

e. 2014 APA Colorado State Conference Debriefing – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

Shelia said that the Board had requested this item be added to the agenda to allow discussion on things that worked and ideas for possible changes. Sarah said the EPP members who attended this conference, attended conferences in the past and those who did not attend wanted to provide feedback. She said that overall the feedback was positive, but the main negative comment was the barrier to attendance due to cost. The immediate cost is that everyone pays the same fee except students. EPP noted that in their workplace those with AICP tend to get priority so there are typically no funds for the EPP level to attend. Some EPP members would have to take time off from work and the EPP Federal planners said there weren’t any topics that hit on federal issues so their employers wouldn’t approve the expense. Many private sector planners felt the topics were targeted to public sector employees. EPP concluded that they would like to find more creative ways to get EPP to the conference. Julio asked about the break down on numbers in membership for Federal, private, etc. Sarah said that EPP currently has around 150 people on their email list and about 70% of that is private sector employees. Erica suggested having a poster session like that at the APA National conference but gear it toward EPP. Tareq noted we discussed the poster session for the 2014 conference but it was geared towards students and the timing didn’t work. Sarah noted that last year national had an EPP tract but it was also useful for students. Erica mentioned the mentoring program as the Snowmass conference and thought it might be a good idea for the next year. Stan expressed that those people who put themselves forward by attending these events are the ones that employers hire and he would encourage the EPP members to take that step.

f. APA Initiative on Collaborating for Healthy Communities: Building Equity through partnership and Planning – Erica Heller, Denver Metro Area Representative

Erica informed the Board of the current status. She summarized the requirements of the RFP and the short timeline by stating that the grant came out before Thanksgiving, the letter of intent was due by December 2nd, and APA Colorado did submit one. She said the requests must be geographic in nature and must be submitted by December 22nd and that APA Colorado would be the “official” applicant and have to administer the grant if selected. The Chapter would be the “pass through” for the funds and be responsible for submitting the reports. She noted that there is the potential to be reimbursed for administrative costs. She said she initially had planned to create a bigger committee and take a bigger view of the process but the short timing didn’t allow this. She hopes to still form a committee in the future. She concluded by stating that the two entities who had plans would be given authorization to put the specific activities and requirements into the December 22nd application. Stan summarized the recommendations and proposed motion.

Motion by Erica to 1. Authorize Boulder County Health and Tri-County Health to function as lead agencies in submitting proposals and include in their respective proposals the extent of Chapter participation in the projects; and 2) to confirm that the Board has delegated to the Healthy Planning Committee: (a) Advisory participation in grant development, and (b) Review of the grant proposals for consistency with authorized involvement of the Chapter.
Second by Paul
Discussion: None
Vote: unanimous

5. New Business

a. 2015 Budget – Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer and Budget Committee

Joni summarized the proposed budget. She noted that the proposed budget shows an income of $166,515, an increase of about $20,000 over 2015 and expenditures of $158,950, and increase of the 2014 budget set at $145,620. She said she had a set of questions she would like direction on and that the final version would be brought back in January for review and approval. She started by noting that the Budget Committee had recommended keeping the conference registration the same for 2015. Paul asked her to review the budget in general before going into the specifics. She did so, starting with the increased membership rebate by $10,000 since membership rebates have been increasing. The next change was to sponsorship which was increased from $17,000 to $20,000 and the conference income (registration) to $80,000 since this year it was $85,000. Paul stated that two major expenses are salary and legal and both continue to increase a certain percentage each year. He said that if the Board wants to give more each year, then the Chapter needs to get more money to cover those things and other things it might want to do. Eric noted that it’s not so much what we charge at the conference but how much we make and each venue is different. He said the Board should look at other ways of expanding revenues not just raising conference fees. Joni informed the Board that the Chapter has been ending with a savings at the end of each year. Erica countered that conference rates have probably not kept pace with inflation and compared to other organizations, our conference is a deal. Eric said this might need to be a future Board discussion regarding the budget, trends and long term plans. Joni agreed that the Board should look at a rate structure for conference fees going forward. She then went back to reviewing the overall budget noting that the committee line item remained the same but the regional representative line item was increased. She said the current budget hadn’t been used and the hope is to have the regional representative utilize it next year. She noted that EPP had submitted a budget of $800 and the Denver Metro Representatives proposed a budget of around $150. Libby asked if EPP was raising money to offset their expenses and Sarah replied that last year they didn’t charge because they were just getting started. She noted that some EPP events were sponsored and the officers paid for some of the expenses out of pocket. This year they plan to do higher caliber events. Jessica asked what the projected income would be, and Sarah noted there really isn’t a history of attendance to have that information right now. Joni then reviewed the legislative and education line items noting that they stayed the same. She said that the Chapter will be buying insurance next year and Shelia informed the Board that the marketing line item was increased to allow for the purchase of banners for all the area representatives. Joni said that the travel line item was increased from $5,000 to $8,000 based on expected travel including national conference, etc. Joni concluded that the budget would be brought back to the Board in January and any changes would be reviewed at that time. Libby noted that she still hasn’t received the Sustainability committee budget but they do plan to hold events. Eric thanked Joni for her work. Joni stated that she would look at what is in the checking at the end of the year and determine if any should be put into the savings account or if it should be used for an identified expense. Erica stated that the Chapter should consider a metro area, Front Range conference in the next few years and start saving for it.

b. CPC Grant Project Committee – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

Shelia asked for people to volunteer. Dylan, Jessica, and Stan volunteered. Jessica said she would look for an Outreach & Communications Committee member to help and Sarah said she would do the same with EPP.

Motion by Erica to form the committee.
Second by Libby
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

c. Utility Seminar – APA Colorado Support – Tareq Wafaie, Professional Development Officer

Tareq summarized the request submitted by Jeff Walker of Xcel. Jeff is a previous Board member and currently works for Xcel. He would like to host a seminar on siting facilities with APA Colorado’s assistance. Tareq noted that the Chapter had a workshop on sign codes with the Sign Association previously and the Board had misgivings about that partnership. He wanted to bring this to the Board for discussion. He noted that this seminar would include a local planner as well as industry professionals. He said that APA might handle registration and supply CM credits. The Board agreed that facility siting is a growing issue and the session would be a good opportunity for CM credits. Libby asked where the training would be held and Tareq said he had suggested at a local government office or more neutral place. Erica said if we are going to make money off of it, we should oversee the content. Jessica reminded everyone that when the Chapter sponsors the CM credits we are required to oversight. Tareq noted the Xcel may want to make it a free event but he was hearing that the Board wanted to require a nominal fee. He reminded the Board again that this was a similar conversation that was held after the sign code workshop but the feedback from the attendees was very positive. Libby and Sarah suggested that there be other representatives than just Xcel. Tareq concluded that he would get back to Xcel with feedback and will come back with more information in January.

6. Committee Updates:

a. APAS Student Committee – Caeli Hill, Student Representative
No report.

b. Emerging Planning Professional – Sarah Davis, Committee Chair
No report.

c. Legislative Committee - Eric Heil, Co-chair

d. Outreach & Communications Committee – Dylan Grabowski and Jessica Ibanez, Committee Co-Chairs
Dylan informed that Board that he theme for the next newsletter will be Resilient Communities. He said the newsletter will be distributed around February 15, 2015 and asked the Board to forward articles or suggested authors to him. The deadline for all articles is January 15, 2015.

e. PIC Review Committee, Eric Heil
No report.

f. Professional Development Committee – Tareq Wafaie, Committee Chair
No report.

g. Sustainability Committee – Libby Tart Schoenfelder, Board Liaison
No report.

7. Board Member Updates: None

8. Other Business – None

Meeting ended at 4:40 p.m.

Motion by Jessica to adjourn.
Second by Tareq.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

Email Vote December 10, 2014:

Board: Following from our recent meeting, I am forwarding a request from Jeremy Nemeth related to the UCD CAP endowed scholarship:

Last week we asked you to consider supporting students at CU Denver by contributing to the Adrienne Bolsover Sustainability Scholarship. Our goal is to establish an endowed scholarship program to recruit students of diverse backgrounds to the MURP program. As we mentioned, the Golden Rule Foundation has offered to match gifts for the scholarship one-for-one to meet our goal of $25,000, so that this fund can benefit MURP students in perpetuity. We only have $3,390 left to raise by December 31 before the Foundation’s match expires. We hope you will consider making a contribution or pledge before the end of the year to help us reach our goal. We are grateful to the APA Colorado Board and Membership for your support of our program and, most importantly, your support of our students. Please make a gift today.

Thanks - Jeremy

I believe that having a fully endowed scholarship at Colorado’s only planning program would be a benefit to our state and Chapter, and the opportunity to have our donation matched makes it valuable to act now. As such, I am asking the Board to consider a motion to make a donation of $1500 to the Adrienne Bolsover Sustainability Scholarship prior to December 31.

I proposed that we could fund this donation in one of two ways: Use a portion of net revenue from 2014 that would otherwise be transferred to savings; or, given that we do need to rebuild savings from the recession years, we could decide to allocate the funds in the APA CO student scholarship 2015 budget line item. We would return to awarding our Chapter scholarship directly to a student in 2016.

Thanks for your consideration.  - Erica Heller, AICP

Will we be holding a vote via email? If so, it might be helpful to have some budget numbers to see if the proposal is feasible and how it would impact the budget before making a decision. - Toby Stauffer, AICP

Good point. I believe the 2014 end of year and draft 2015 budgets were in the last board packet. If Joni or Sheila has anything to add on budget impact please chime in. - Erica Heller, AICP

I agree with Erica's proposal and make it as a motion.

Motion by Paul: I move that we allocate $1500 from the 2015 budget taken from the APA CO Scholarship and paid to the UCD scholarship that has a match, and restart that money for the APA CO Scholarship in 2016. They just need a pledge now, and we can pay them in January. We can also see where we are at later to make any other changes in the budget.

Second by Susan: I would second that.

Discussion: None

11 Aye Votes: Paul, Dylan, Erica, Carrie, Tareq, Toby, Eric, Joni, Tamra, Seth and Stan
0 Nay Votes:
Not Voting: Susan, Jessica, Libby, Kit, and Russ

Email Vote December 31, 2014:

Board-- Please see the e-mail below. Paul Rosenberg had indicated his interest in making a further contribution, if needed, towards securing the greatest amount of match possible. Is this of interest to the Board? If so, it would need to be pledged tomorrow.

Best regards, Stan Clauson, AICP, ASLA

From: Bieging, Lindsey [mailto:LINDSEY.BIEGING@UCDENVER.EDU]
Sent: 30 December 2014 07:44
To: Stan Clauson
Cc: Nemeth, Jeremy
Subject: Balsover Fund

Hi Stan,
Happy holidays! I hope you are enjoying some time with family and friends this week. Per your request, I have an update on the Balsover Scholarship; to date we have raised $18,610, which is $1,390 short of our goal. I hope a few more gifts from alumni will be received this week. We are grateful for APA's generous support of the scholarship, you mentioned the board would consider making an additional gift if necessary and we would be grateful if APA would commit additional support to help us reach our goal and secure the full match to endow the fund. Please let me know if you would like to discuss further.
Warmest regards,

How much have we already pledged? – Tamra Allen, AICP

$1,500 – Stan Clauson, AICP, ASLA

I just went online and made a personal donation to the fund, lowering the amount required. Maybe others on the board might also chose to make a year-end donation, further lowering the amount required to finish up their drive. We had discussion about having had a good year and making the original pledge out of the 2014 budget. As these students will be future APA Colorado members and maybe future board members, I move that we commit the balance needed from our 2014 budget to make their full fund raising need. - Paul Rosenberg

Motion by Paul: I move that we commit the balance needed from our 2014 budget to make their full fund raising need.

You are great to do this and you are so right that the students at UCD are our future planners and the future of APA Colorado. As alum, I have also given to the scholarship and Stan and the Board have much reason to be proud of the $1,500 gift. Hopefully, more will be donated to meet the goal. – Susan Wood, AICP

So, Paul Rosenberg has moved that we make an additional contribution to the Balsover Scholarship Fund to cover the shortfall from the $10,000 matching grant. Paul did not specify an amount, but as of yesterday, that would amount to $1,390. Is there a second or further discussion? It appears that this contribution would need to be pledged today in order to meet the terms of the matching grant. - Stan Clauson, AICP, ASLA

Second by Tareq Wafaie, AICP

OK, it has been moved and seconded that we cover the shortfall with a contribution not to exceed $1,390. If there is a favorable vote on this matter, I will get a final amount from UCD before making a pledge. Please provide your votes or discussion today. Joni—can you please confirm that we can cover this additional expenditure? - – Stan Clauson, AICP, ASLA

8 Aye Votes: Paul, Stan, Tareq (Assuming we can cover the expenditure.), Libby, Eric, Seth, Joni (And confirm that we have adequate funds to cover this.), and Susan.

1 Nay Vote: Toby (No. I do support the students and scholarship, but we have provided funding already and I need a little more info to make an informed decision.)

1 Abstention: Carrie (I think I should abstain since I’m an employee of CU Planning Department and have a particular interest in seeing this scholarship funded at the endowment level. Thanks for your existing donation and consideration of additional funds. It is very much appreciated. If you need help getting the information today from the CU Development office, let me know.)

Not Voting: Jessica, Dylan, Kit, Tamra & Russ.




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