HB20-1095 Water Conservation Bill Fact Sheet

Water Conservation Legislation HB20-1095

Bill Summary: HB20-1095 authorizes a local government master plan to include goals specified in the state water plan and to include policies that condition development approvals on implementation of those goals.

The bill has been calendared for Thursday, February 6, 2020. Several speakers are lined up to testify.

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Water is a necessary resource to support communities and sustain development in Colorado and is limited in availability. APA Colorado supports inclusion of a water element in local master plans, in order to improve local jurisdictions’ ability to support growth and their economy. Linking land use planning with water planning will better facilitate and enable communities to meet their goals of developing projects sustainably, resulting in connected state and local efforts for water planning and conservation, and ultimately continued implementation of the Colorado Water Plan.

The Colorado Chapter of the American Planning Association Supports HB 20-1095 regarding the authority of a local government’s master plan to include policies to implement the state water plan goals as a condition of development approvals for the following reasons:

  • Support Communities: HB20-1095 will support communities in their role of ensuring thelong-term health of Colorado’s economy, environment, industry, and quality of life.
  • Colorado Water Plan: Colorado’s Water Plan includes the following objective: “By 2025,75 percent of Coloradans will live in communities that have incorporated water-savingactions into land-use planning.” Incorporating water conservation policies into masterplans (visionary, comprehensive land use plans prepared by communities), as proposed inHB20-1095, will assist in achieving this objective.
  • Complementary Effort: There have been a variety of significant efforts by cities, towns,counties, Colorado Water Conservation Board and Department of Local Affairs to advancewater conservation and water planning. HB20-1095 is not a stand-alone solution, butrather, is a complimentary effort to include water conservation and water planning guidancein the county and municipal master plan statutes.
  • Population Growth: The State Demographer is projecting that the Colorado populationwill increase by nearly 40% in the next 30 years. The time to better coordinate land usewith water planning is now.
  • Local Control: HB20-1095 follows the tradition of local control in Colorado. It facilitatescounties and municipalities inclusion of water conservation and water planning goals in theirmaster plans and encourages a comprehensive approach to long-term planning. The natureand extent of those goals are determined by each local jurisdiction as they deem appropriate.
  • Master Plan Updates: Master Plans are generally updated every 5-10 years. The intent ofthis legislation is to promote awareness and consideration of water planning as a componentof master plans to better coordinate land use with water planning over the next 10 years.Additionally, this legislation will provide educational tools and technical resources to localgovernments to assist in their coordination of water and land use planning efforts.




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