Hyperloop Projects Gaining Momentum in U.S. and Abroad

by Will Kerns, AICP - HyperloopTT

I have been working for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) in various capacities since 2015, currently as a Contributor, meaning I work full time for Ulteig as a Senior Transportation Planner in Colorado, while also devoting some hours each week to HyperloopTT as their Planning Lead in exchange for stock options. This innovative, game changing company is pushing forward an ultra-high-speed transportation system capable of carrying passengers and cargo. HyperloopTT uses linear induction motors and passive levitation technology licensed from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory paired with a low pressure (near vacuum) environment to safely move capsules containing ~30 passengers or cargo to astonishing speeds of around 760 mph. The HyperloopTT system achieves ultra-high speeds using very little energy due to the lack of air resistance in the controlled tube environment.

HyperloopTT began 2021 building off the momentum of 2020. Following partnerships with Hitachi, Altran and Ferrovial, the company testified before the United States Congress and unveiled new technology, partnerships and designs focused on delivering safe and sustainable commercial hyperloop systems. In a panel session with the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, HyperloopTT CEO Andrés de León shared insight into hyperloop technology, current projects and the government’s role in deploying commercial systems in the U.S.

Congressional statement regarding the HyperloopTT Great Lakes Feasibility Study:

“Today’s hearing is an important step in making the United States a global leader in sustainable transportation,” said Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio). “The work HyperloopTT has done in my home state of Ohio and across the Great Lakes Megaregion has shown that highspeed transportation can both be profitable and better for the environment. Congress would do the nation a great service to pave the way for the hyperloop industry.” Read the full congressional testimony here:

HyperloopTT unveiled the world’s first full-scale hyperloop isolation valves at an event with partner GNB. The 5-meter (16.5 feet) tall valves will efficiently isolate portions of the hyperloop track for repressurization in maintenance, emergencies and other safety scenarios. Built and tested in California, the valves will next be integrated at HyperloopTT’s Research and Development Center in Toulouse, France and commercial prototype in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The HyperloopTT Research and Development Center in Toulouse, France is a full-scale test track and HyperloopTT is currently integrating systems and testing under a low pressure (near-vacuum environment). Hyperloop technology is rapidly approaching, meanwhile other companies are also building test tracks to advance this promising ultra-high-speed, sustainable transportation technology.


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