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In an effort to facilitate ongoing discussion and dialogue between our members on issues that are important to you, we have developed a Planners Forum where our members can post questions and engage colleagues in issues that are important to you. We have also provided a list of tags to assist in categorizing each post to be easily searched. If you feel your question or post does not fit one of the provided tags, please contact Info@apacolorado.org to request additional tags. Please use this page to learn, share, and engage your colleagues from around Colorado.
I'm doing an informal poll of variances approved by local jurisdictions. If anyone could provide the number of zoning variances approved in your jurisdiction in the last 5 years, that information would be helpful. The City of Montrose (pop. 19,000) has approved the following number of variances: 2011: 7 2012: 8 2013: 7 2014: 14 2015: 9 Thanks for any info.
Short Term Rentals - regs question (insurance and density)
Hello Everyone, Larimer County has started a process to create new regulations to address the nearly 400 short-term rentals that have started up over the last decade without County approval. We currently have a general zoning application process which requires these short-term rentals to meet the same standards as a subdivision or a commercial development. These applications can take up to a year to get to a County Commissioner’s hearing. We are drafting up specific standards that a short-term rental must meet. Larimer County Community Development has two questions on how other jurisdictions with adopted short-term rental regulations address the following: 1. Does your jurisdiction require the property owner to carry insurance policies for a short-term rental? 2. Does your jurisdiction regulate the density, by percentage or distance, on how many short-term rentals are allowed per subdivision or by spacing? Thanks in advance for your response and enjoy the Holiday Season!


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